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Play with Tom, Angela, Hank, and all their friends


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My Talking Tom Friends is another game from the Talking Tom series. But unlike those games, this time you can interact with Tom and his friends. This game includes Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca, so the fun is guaranteed!

The gameplay of My Talking Tom Friends is similar to that of My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, or My Talking Hank, except that this time you can interact with all of those characters. Just tap on each character's picture to select them. For example, simply tap on Angela, and you can take her to any part of the house, such as the kitchen, garden, or dressing room.

Like previous games in the series, in My Talking Tom Friends, you can customize anything and everything in these charming animals' homes. For example, you could change all the decor in the living room, choose new furniture for the kitchen, or add your own unique touch to the garden. You can also take your friendly pets on entertaining adventures in various parts of the city.

My Talking Tom Friends is a fun game that -for the first time- brings has all the characters from the Talking Tom series together in one game. On top of all that, it has charming, colorful graphics, just like all Outfit7 games.
By Beatriz Escalante